Chill Top Ten – Mike Bibko


Welcome back to the Weekly Top Ten on the Pi Sigma Epsilon blog, the ultimate business fraternity and now your number #1 source for the latest in music.  Every week, I’ll be reviewing 5-10 songs, switching up bands/themes/genres, and giving you the links so that you can hear what you’ve been missing.  Got a favorite song you want on my list? Post it on our blog and I’ll do what I can to preview it for next week.  NEW: I’ve been making an effort to include the official music videos when I can so make sure to take a look at a few of the links.

Following a rather epic weekend that left what seemed like half of UB stumbling home from the Buffalo Bar Crawl, it might be the perfect time for a more laid-back weekend like the upcoming PSE camping trip to Ellicottville.  So throw on some tunes and call up some of your closest friends.  Relax, it’s the Chill Top Ten.


10. Jammin’- Bob Marley

A laid-back self-entitled jam from reggae’s most influential figure.

9. Drunk Freestyle- Tupac

Showing off the skills that made him one of hip-hop’s founding fathers, an intoxicated Tupac rips one off that almost rivals the infamous Allie Sim Freestyle of Bar Crawl ‘10.

8. I Remember- Deadmau5 & Kaskade

A resonating chart for all the trance fans out there…anyone who hasn’t experienced a little Deadmau5 before, you’re welcome.

7. Aqueous Transmission- Incubus

A very unique song by the band who brought us “Drive.”  Really great composition and instrument selection.

6. Silver Surfer (Produced by Nujabes) – XV

The rhymes of the up-and-comer over the beats of the legend from Japan.  Sadly, Nujabes passed away shortly after this collaboration, making this track his last work.  Also for the Lupe fans out there, notice the similarities in the melody to the single Paris, Tokyo.

5. Sorcerers – MF Doom

Credit to my buddy from London for introducing me to Daniel Dumile or MF Doom (one of his many aliases).  A borderline underground rapper from the NYC with a mainstream-caliber flow.

4. Animal (Mark Ronson Remix) – Miike Snow

A remix of the electro-pop original.

3. Life In Technicolor- Coldplay

I can’t say I’m a huge Coldplay fan yet this might be my favorite instrumental of all-time.  Check out this track as well as a lyrical-based Part 2 on their newest album.

2. Feeling Alright – Rebelution

A thanks to Steph Fung for introducing me to this reggae group from Santa Barbara, California.  They actually played at one of this summer’s Thursday in the Square events and after hearing some of their stuff, hopefully you’ll join me in praying they make an encore visit.

1. Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World) – Common

An old-school Common track off his Like Water For Chocolate record.  Warning: Song may be highly addictive.


There it is. Don’t forget to hit me up with requests or comments and I’ll see you right here next week. DJ Gold



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