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Tennis : To Partner or Not to Partner

Tennis can be divided into two different kinds of competitive play. There exists the singles match-up which heads two people against each other. There also exists the doubles match-up which consists of  two teams of doubles that play for the same objective. Each of the two kinds of play involve the same concept of tennis, however each incorporates different ideas. The tactics each are very different, and singles may appeal more to some people than others, and vice versa.

The reasons behind this can be analyzed to see that there is much more to liking one more than the other. In many cases it is not the talent, but the personality, challenge, and satisfaction that drives an individual to one over the other.

It may be obvious that a team player would like the doubles match-up more. The team needs to communicate between themselves so that they can effectively play together.  As a player, you will need to know the position that you should put yourself in so that you and your partner will be able to return the ball. You will need to know when to charge the net, or when to run back to the baseline.  Instead of controlling your own destiny, you need to depend on your partner to do the right thing as well.  The whole aspect of trust gets brought into the picture.

A person that prefers the singles match-up likes the simplicity of the game. The game is simple, and it is just a matter of talent and wit. There is nobody to depend on (or lose you points) so everything rests in the individual’s hands. Each person controls the game, instead of each player doing their own thing.

The secret of working well with your partner is finding someone that you understand and can count on.  Your partner does not need to be an extremely talented player, but somebody that you can consistently count on to be in the right place at the right time.  If you and your partner are playing separate games, and not together, the game will be much harder than if you were playing by yourself.  Doubles tennis forces you to have more responsibility. You are responsible for effectively hitting the balls that come to you, communicating with your partner, and being in the correct position at all times. You need to always try your hardest so that you don’t let your partner down.

Someone who likes singles may not like putting their fate into their partner’s fate. What is the partner was bad and lost you all your points? You would lose the match but that would not mean that the other two players are better than you. It would mean that their partnership was better, not their talent.

In doubles you must develop trust between yourself and your partner.  Your partner should not need to worry about you.  If they do not trust you, they will try to take over.  This could lead to them hitting balls that should be yours, and miscommunication would lead to even more problems.  They would rather hit a hard ball themselves, than let you hit it, when it is closer to you. This type of tennis would really mess up the chemistry of the team.

Both singles tennis and doubles tennis involves strategy, but doubles can accommodate a greater variety and more in-depth strategy.  You and your partner can switch the position that you play in a lot.  You can both play back, or at the net. Or, either player can play from behind and in front.  The shots you hit are all about strategy.  You can hit a ball down the middle of your two opponents.  You can hit short balls, high balls, and spinning balls to catch your opponents off.  Or you could hit a shot that would make your opponent hit a terrible return where you or your opponent could easily put it away. Doubles tennis proves to be much more complicated and advanced than singles tennis.

A very competitive minded player who likes singles will have a problem in relying more on teamwork than on talent, like it is in doubles. The feeling that is granted when one wins in a singles match would be much more satisfying. It gives the player confidence that they are better than their opponent. In doubles, even if you won, you wouldn’t know whether you were better than your opponents, your teamwork would be better.

A partner in doubles can help keep you cool and composed.  They can give you helpful advice or comfort you after you miss a shot. Some people get very much into the game in a match. A doubles partner can cool them down before they take it too far.  In doubles, you have a tight relationship with your partner.  If you do not get along, then you are doomed to lose every match.  If you and your partner get along and understand each others strengths and weaknesses, you can use this as an advantage and win a lot of matches.

Likewise, if a person is very confident in their game, there is no reason to partner up with someone, who could drive them lower. For example, the top tennis players would do worse if they were paired up with anyone else. That is why they play solo, and if they do pair up it is not for competition, but just for playful purposes.

Both the singles and doubles ways of tennis are very competitive, but none can be classified as “better.” However, there are differences in each that appeal more to some more than others, and this is what makes each so special in its own way.

Here is a video showing some Tennis skills you might like to try…:)  Cheers!!


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