Did you learn anything? – Hyung Ku Kim

Do you ever look back to your history class that you took on your freshman year and think “wow, I really learned a lot from that class”, or that Chemistry class and think, “now I know how to write water in chemical equation?”  (h20, just in case you did not take Chemistry) Well most of … Continue reading

Hispanic Students and Grad School – Nazzy Romero

I recently interviewed Alia Victoria Khechen, a Sophomore at the University at Buffalo.  Alia’s family currently lives in Buffalo, NY but she is originally from Venezuela and her father is Lebanese.  I met Alia through a mutual Hispanic friend on campus last semester; therefore I decided to interview her as part of my research on … Continue reading

Which one are you? – Stephanie Fung

FACT: The real word is scary. Stay in College. The Princeton Review.