Did you learn anything? – Hyung Ku Kim

Do you ever look back to your history class that you took on your freshman year and think “wow, I really learned a lot from that class”, or that Chemistry class and think, “now I know how to write water in chemical equation?”  (h20, just in case you did not take Chemistry) Well most of … Continue reading

A World Defined by Letters – Kenneth Towne

Life can be overwhelming. Life can be hectic and time consuming. Life can having you running around from 7am to 11pm everyday without a chance to rest, so why would you stop to think about something as simple as letters? So seemingly insignificant on their own, we often lose touch with the fact that everything … Continue reading

Message From GEICO – Good Luck on Your Final Exams!!

How to start using Facebook Fan Page for small businesses – Tae Hyun Moon

(the article is also posted on Tae Hyun Moon’s blog) Over the past three months, I have been helping some small companies (including start-up businesses) and a non-profit organization in developing their online marketing campaigns, especially for social media marketing stuff… It was really hard at the beginning due to the lack of their online content, … Continue reading

Hispanic Restaurants in Buffalo – Nazzy Romero

I was searching the internet for Hispanic Restaurants and came to realize that there aren’t any Dominican restaurants in Buffalo; however Mexican restaurants are not hard to come by.  Below are the only three restaurants that pop up if you search for Hispanic restaurants on Google. Niagara Café: Serves Puerto Rican food for an affordable … Continue reading


As a college student, we can easily get suckered into dangerous eating habits through the multiple temptations around campus. This includes the All-You-Can-Eat buffet style dinners in the dorms (where freshmen 15 was invented), the FREE FOOD and POP (or soda) programs where students only attend for the greasy foods, the fast food joints, and … Continue reading

Growing Target for Investment Capital – Jeremy Brandl

Brazil, once considered nothing more than a travel destination, is now on the verge of a booming economy and will eventually become one of the leading economies in the western hemisphere.   The country has already taken over many positions that the United States once held. Even if the U.S. had avoided the latest financial crisis, … Continue reading

Take a risk while you’re young! – Lauren Wojo

When I ran track back in high school, we had shirts that said “Only those who risk going too far know how far they can truly go.”  As I get older, I see more and more meaning behind that statement.  I apply it more to myself in terms of my future goals, as well as … Continue reading

Which one are you? – Stephanie Fung

FACT: The real word is scary. Stay in College. The Princeton Review.

New Resume Format in the Social Media era? – Tae Hyun Moon

The following article is from Innovative Marketer and it was posted on August 4 2010. Two months ago, I was asked from a business professional to make his profile (resume) in sort of a “online-friendly” way. He showed me a professor’s resume as an example, which had different concepts compared to other traditional resumes… It used the … Continue reading