Graduation Bucket List – Arial Chimera


                The life cycle of schooling ends up looking very short when you are at the end. Looking back on past memories, good and bad, every one of them seem like they just happened last week. Some very well might have. When I finished my junior year of college I knew that senior year would be a little sad, but I was excited to have only one year left of college. Now that I am half way through my fall semester, I am realizing that senior year is not a little sad but it is extremely sad. It is also very stressful, thinking about what to do when I finally graduate, where to apply for jobs, where to live, if I should move back home the list goes on. Some days I find myself wishing I could go back to kindergarten when you had nap time and colored for your homework. Then I remember how much I enjoy doing things like driving and being under no control of anyone other than the laws set forth for the public. I know that no matter how stressful or sad I get this year, I am able to live as I please and I am in control of the outcomes.

                Senior year can also be very good for doing “last” things. Like buying your last book, registering for your last semester, eating your last college student meal, etc. Seniors could and maybe should make bucket lists for things they have yet to experience during college, and then try to experience them before they graduate. This could be a fun way of ending your college career. Either way if you make a bucket list or just go on as is, senior year should be made a good year no matter how much stress or sadness is presented to you. After graduation it is a start of a new chapter after all, and everyone should start new chapters of their lives in a positive way.


Bucket list:

  1. Pull an all-nighter
  2. Try K.E.
  3. Get a little and paddle
  4. Eat at the Tiffin Room
  5. Sleep in a library
  6. Go away for spring break
  7. Watch a movie in SU theater
  8. Take a road trip

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