Why Good Writing Skills are Important for Success in the Accounting Profession – Bosi Liu

Today, accounting becomes one of the top jobs in America. “In the ’50s, and ’60s, the common wisdom said that if a student had no personality he should consider a career in accounting.”(Siegel, Gary) Compared to lawyers and doctors, accounting did not require too much reading, writing and communication skills. However, lawyers’ and doctors’ job do require reading, writing, and communication skills. Lawyers have to read documents and write papers based on the document they read. They have to discuss the case with their clients. Doctors have to read the reports and documents written by the nurse and then they have to write reports for their patients and discuss with them. “Today, people skills and communication skills-“personality”-are essential for success in an accounting career.” (Communication Strategies) In the twenty-first century, communication skills are the basic skills for accountants to succeed in their job.


Why do accountants need effective communication skill? According to the reports, “A high percentage of accounting firms report poor writing skill as a major reason for job termination.” (Communication Strategies) Accountants lost their jobs because of their poor writing skill. Reading and writing well already became a requirement for accountant and is important as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA). “…many employers screen prospective accountants for oral and written communication skills.” (Communication Strategies) After students graduated from college, the recruiters are not only looking for their grades; they care more about what abilities and skills this student has and how he/she would benefit the company.


“Accountants need communication skills to get a good job and keep that job after they are hired.” (Communication Strategies) Today, accounting is not just about journal entries, tax returns or calculations. This job requires more communication skills. Before they have the job, they need to show the interviewer their communication abilities. Also, a good well-written resume will easily open the door for the students to have an interview. After they are hired, accountants have to write reports for their internal manager to give their advertisements to the company and to help the company improve its accounting and adjust its budget. Accountants are required to write footnotes after they record accounts in the journal. The footnotes need to be simple and easier for the others to understand. Also, accountants need to write letters to their clients and they need to make sure their clients would understand the reports.


“Communication skills are very important. If you can’t communicate information effectively, then the information never gets out there: It’s lost.” (Communication Strategies) This quote states if people cannot express their thoughts to others and as the time passes, the information they have in their mind would be useless and it is very important for accountants to have communication skills. The twenty-first century is the era of information. People who can use the information effectively are who will have the market opportunities. Accounting students have to start to practice their reading, writing and communication skills now. Good communication skills would open many doors for the students and help them to build up a strong resume. Also, they will need these skills after they find a job. They will use their reading and writing skill even when they take the CPA Exams.


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