Graduation Bucket List – Arial Chimera

                The life cycle of schooling ends up looking very short when you are at the end. Looking back on past memories, good and bad, every one of them seem like they just happened last week. Some very well might have. When I finished my junior year of college I knew that senior year would … Continue reading

Why Good Writing Skills are Important for Success in the Accounting Profession – Bosi Liu

Today, accounting becomes one of the top jobs in America. “In the ’50s, and ’60s, the common wisdom said that if a student had no personality he should consider a career in accounting.”(Siegel, Gary) Compared to lawyers and doctors, accounting did not require too much reading, writing and communication skills. However, lawyers’ and doctors’ job … Continue reading

How Female Athletes are Objectified by the Media – Katie Darnley

          It is no secret that female athletes often receive the short end of the stick when it comes to sports. Female sporting events are not promoted, not well attended, and sometimes completely disregarded in both amateur and professional settings.  Once every four years, however, the Olympics provide one of the best opportunities for female … Continue reading