What happens to your life when you choose the wrong apartment? by Cindy Ou

(This is a true experience from a university at buffalo student)


                I was really excited to move off campus for the very first year after living on south campus for two years. Since I am becoming a junior in college I wanted to experience the full college experience and move off campus with my friend. My roommate and I found a good apartment, since this apartment’s rent includes heat, water, and parking for a relatively decent price and only having to pay for utilities and internet is not that bad. The one thing that caught my attention from this apartment was the large walk-in closet. My roommate and I rented this apartment that is located off campus hoping to have a decent experience and paying less than the schools’ apartments. Regardless of how great one apartment appears to be on the outside, it is not worth it until you truly experience why the previous residents moved out after one year.

                It was a pleasant experience when I first moved in, setting up the apartment the way I wanted and being able to design how I wanted to arrange the furniture of my choice, having more freedom away from school, and being able to cook in a kitchen that I don’t have to share with the whole floor. However, within a few weeks of living in the apartment the problems started to surface. When I first moved in there was a check in list that we had to complete and there was only a few minor problems such as dripping hot water from the tub, one of the stoves did not work, and a missing door knob on a closet door. After submitting the sheet within weeks the maintenance guy came to fix the apartment minor things, but left the leaking hot water in the tub because he said he needed to call his boss for the parts to fix it. A week later the hot water leaking situation got worse and I sent many emails to the office and maintenance guy and there was a response but they never came to fix it. After a week the hot water started to leak severely and the paint on the wall started to bubble up and melt due to the high amount of humidity. Every time I came back to the apartment from class it was like stepping into a sauna room, I was really impatient upon waiting for the maintenance guy to come fix it and so I stormed into the landlord’s office and told her the situation and she sent him right away.

                Right after the hot water leaking situation, the bathroom ceiling started leaking water. I contacted my land lord about this and again she said the maintenance guy would stop by and fix it. A few days later my bathroom started to rain water, a BIG HOLE appeared on my ceiling out of nowhere. Again I had to storm down to the landlord’s office, but apparently my land lord was nowhere to be found unless you were going to pay her rent in the beginning of the month. I had to call the emergency number that they gave me, and they fixed it later that night.

                My most horrifying experience from this apartment happened to me after winter break, when I came back from vacation. It was fine for the first week when I got back, but the first day school started was when my living condition went downhill dramatically. Without any warning my land lord decided to shut off my heat and my hot water in the freezing cold winter without letting us know what’s happening. She did not notify us about it until the second day without heat and hot water; she told us “there has been a gas leak so we need to shut your heat and hot water off.” The last time there was a gas leak they only shut down our heat for one day and it was fixed at night. But this time there was still NO hot water or heat on day three, and she told us that we should check into a hotel at comfort inn where we will get reimbursed. The noticed specified that we need to check in and check out every night since she did not know when the gas leak was going to be fixed. My roommate and I did that for a few days and with the stress from school and the harsh living conditions we got really sick. After a full week with no heat and hot water she notified us that we needed to stay in the hotel for the next three weeks. With the inadequacy of proper nutrition and living condition my life started to become messy and sleepless, and I became incredibly sick. On top of that I had to balance my social, school, and personal life. Having to live in a hotel for three weeks while going to school is one of the worst experiences of my life. It felt like being homeless, where you have a home to go back to BUT you cannot live there because there is NO HEAT or HOT WATER. I just have to say boy is my landlord smart, she choose a hotel where there is no room service or any fridge to store food. This just caused my credit card bill to sky rocket since I could not cook at home so I had to eat out all the time.


I warn you, you should never judge and choose an apartment by its looks, it might be deceiving.


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