The “New” Web and Target Markets – by Ken Towne


Combine all the hours that we spend on the internet browsing videos, Facebook stalking, online shopping, and wandering through Wikipedia, we as people knowingly and unknowingly give up large amounts of information about ourselves. This information, often obscure in singularity, becomes a much more tangible and useful item when organized properly, and put in the right hands. This article describes a new tool Google has developed to take market research on the web to a whole new level. By combining all of the different activities that people do on user run sites, researchers can now create the perfect product and market it to the perfect market at the perfect time. This tool allows companies to find out what age and gender demographics are searching for their products, and when those peaks occur throughout the year. Then look at the Youtube videos they are watching in relation to the product, and what Facebook posts or pages they are interested in that relate to that same product, and you can figure out what is missing in the current market, what people want fixed, what people it would be best to market it to, and at what time it is most searched for. While in many ways consumers have become empowered by tools of research, we willingly put our information in the hands of people who are clever enough to market directly into our everyday online interactions to the point we often don’t realized we are even being marketed to. While consumers race to stay current on technologies to make smart buying decisions, money is an even bigger motivator, and with these new technologies, it seems marketers will always be one step ahead of the curve. As consumers, this should terrify us, but as people who have been desensitized to the power media has over us, we tend to ignore it. What can we do as consumers to try and keep the power of smart buying in our hands? In an ever evolving and shifting race for information, consumers and producers constantly change places as to who has the upper hand, and only time will tell who will win in the end.


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