5 don’t in interviews – by Stephanie Chan



1. Don’t come unprepared

Asking your interviewer for a pen, or unable to provide an extra copy of your resume is a no no. That simply shows that you don’t care enough to bring a pen.

2. Don’t ask what does the company/ position does

3. Don’t tell lies

First of all, don’t oversell yourself in resumes. List out things that you’ve achieved in an honest way. There are differences between polishing and lies.  Don’t say you’re the project manager when you’re only the bookkeeper. Second, be honest with your answers during the interview. When you don’t know the answer, just say “I actually don’t have any previous knowledge about that but I’m willing to learn more about it.” It’s better to be honest and integrity instead of getting busted later.

4. Don’t trash your former employer

You never know who knows who, especially if you’re applying for jobs within the same industry. Try to focus on what benefits the previous company gave you and provide a more “general” reason for why you left the company. My favorite one is lack of development opportunities.

5. Don’t say no when it’s your time to ask questions

Some people might think asking zero questions shows that you’re well-prepared for the interview. NOPE. Often interviewers wanted to know how well you know the company and how interested you are. By asking a couple questions (with insights of course, don’t ask what’s the monthly salary) it can show that you’re willing to research and know more about the company.


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