What happens to your life when you choose the wrong apartment? by Cindy Ou

(This is a true experience from a university at buffalo student)                   I was really excited to move off campus for the very first year after living on south campus for two years. Since I am becoming a junior in college I wanted to experience the full college experience and move off campus with … Continue reading

5 don’t in interviews – by Stephanie Chan

    1. Don’t come unprepared Asking your interviewer for a pen, or unable to provide an extra copy of your resume is a no no. That simply shows that you don’t care enough to bring a pen. 2. Don’t ask what does the company/ position does 3. Don’t tell lies First of all, don’t … Continue reading

The “New” Web and Target Markets – by Ken Towne

http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/library/videos/google-real-time-insight-finder-demo/   Combine all the hours that we spend on the internet browsing videos, Facebook stalking, online shopping, and wandering through Wikipedia, we as people knowingly and unknowingly give up large amounts of information about ourselves. This information, often obscure in singularity, becomes a much more tangible and useful item when organized properly, and put … Continue reading