Emerging Media – Craig Berman

            This is just my opinion on the new forms of media out in today’s society.  There are a couple of different choices we have to choose from now.  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or my personal favorite YouTube.


            Facebook for starters has been the social network entity to be.  If you are not in you’re out is the basic concept of it.  The ad revenue that is collected is astronomical.  Any company that advertises on it is bound to make some form of a profit off of it.  Just by seeing your product on the side of someone’s wall or by clicking on that banner, you have just marketed your item to millions of people to see.  In addition to that, it’ll bring more traction to your own Facebook page and website, which is after all the ultimate goal.


            As for Twitter, it has a different concept, but it’s still similar.  Instead of pages you’ll have a user promote a certain product or person.  With that, people can “follow” the person they choose.  Then all of those now “followers” will see what that person has tweeted for everyone to see.  You can link photos, videos, and more within a tweet.  The more popular a user, the more likely the product they may endorse will relate to their audience.


            YouTube is the new place to watch videos online.  It was launched in 2005 and has been growing strong ever since.  The users on that site ranch for political channels, to comedic ones, to music.  There are various choices to watch from.  More popular channels will have more subscribers or people who will definitely go back to watch those videos.  Pre-roll ads and side ads have been a huge key to this success.  YouTube has started something called their partner program back in 2008.  Users who have garnered a large or larger audience are asked to join and are paid to make videos.  They receive a portion of the ad revenue.  Some take part in promoting products they feel their audience will enjoy and use.  This is a huge push for many users.


            All of these forms of new media have revolutionized the way in which we think about advertising and media.  It is no longer just television and radio, but the Internet as a whole.  So if you don’t plan to stay up to speed you’ll be left in the dust and not know what to do.  Remember this is just my opinion here.


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