Online networking is taking over – Maninder Sran


First there was Myspace; no you could not update your status every five minutes but at least you had some privacy.

Then Facebook; Facebook is still alive and basically changing and evolving to become the new twitter.

Then twitter was invented, basically to let everyone know a step by step play on how you are feeling, what you are doing, where are you going, etc…

You can get the picture. In my world, however, the only people who need to know what I am doing will call or text me.  Online networking seems to give anyone in the world the ability to view your life and take away your privacy. This seems like a big bother to me.  Everyone is also always concerned about how the government is taping our lives and watching what we are doing on the internet but in all fairness if you are putting it out there on the web then you really should not be complaining. Personally I love my privacy, people not knowing what I am doing every second of the day is something I can live with. Before this mass cyber era hit, no one could ever fathom a Twitter or Facebook being on the World Wide Web.

It is scary to think of what the next networking site will be, and what privacy lines that one will end up pushing.


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