6 Basic Resume Tips – Kara Lavarnway


  1. After reading other people’s resumes I always get a good laugh when people include things like “References upon request” or anything else that is pretty obvious to be true when applying for a job. A past English professor of mine referred to that stuff as the “DUH!” comments. Would you be applying to something if you were going to withhold your references? Or better yet, not go in for an interview (another favorite is “Available for Interview.”) Just end the resume with the intended purpose: to show the employer what you’ve got!
  2. Don’t drone on about what you were supposed to do at the job because that is what everyone who has ever held your position was also supposed to do. Instead, brag a little bit. Talk yourself up! If you were a liaison for a client and a company, don’t simply say you were in charge of talking to the client to meet their needs. Say you increased the communication between the company and the client for better outcomes (listing the better outcomes wouldn’t hurt either!)
  3. You’ve heard it before: know your audience! A resume to work in sales is not going to land you a job working for a clerk’s office. Make your resume speak for the job you are going for. The worst thing you could do is have one resume that just lists monotonous things you’ve done and have that as your default resume you send to every potential employer.
  4. The first thing you should know about selling something is why the buyer needs your product. People don’t buy a vacuum if they don’t have a dirty floor. The same goes when selling yourself to the employer. What are the issues within the company you hope to aid to? Don’t just tell them you want to be part of a team that does such fine work in such and such a field; they know they do it well. Research how you can make their outcome even better.
  5. Templates may as well scream: I FOUND THIS ON THE INTERNET BECAUSE I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO WRITE A RESUME! While templates are fine for helping you figure out the standards of how to set up a resume, just think of how many people Googled the exact same words as you and got the exact same templates. Be different, be creative, and stand out. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  6. Be concise and to the point. I guarantee that before your resume is seen by the people who actually do the hiring, it is passed through HR departments or secretaries, along with so many others. If you go into too much detail chances are they won’t read it all and then it’s on to the next one. Pick strong words and use them wisely. Sometimes less is more.

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