New Rock CD Releases!!! – Craig Berman

          Most people love music myself included.  Well I’m going to go over some new albums that came out this past year you may not be aware of.

We will start off with Rise Against’s new album entitled Endgame.  This is their 6th studio album.  The album continues with the bands idea of referencing modern topics.  Numerous songs on this album are about events that have happened over the past few years.

Next we have one of my favorites, the Foo Fighters released their 7th studio album, Wasting Light.  It debuted number one on the Billboard 200 chart, their first album to do so.  Dave Grohl the lead vocals and lead guitar was in the band Nirvana before assembling the Foo Fighters, so he has a great concept of music and what makes a great  album.  They also do a lot of activism.  On August 31st of this year the Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket their concert.  In return the band decided to go out onto the street and played a song that mocked the Churches stance on homosexuality.  All the while they were in faux-trucker garb.

For those of you who aren’t aware Blink-182 has a brand new album on its way out.  Set to be released on September 17th, 2011.  It will be there first studio album in over 9 years!  What a wait right?  Well those who are nervous they have changed their sound, well you are in for quite surprise.  It shouldn’t surprise any of us that it was leaked to the Internet.  I may or may not have taken a listen to it.  If I had I would say it was a bit of new sound combined with the old sound to make a new explosion of music from this legendary band.

Well I hope you enjoyed this read.  Next time I’ll maybe focus on some pop bands.  Who am I kidding? That would never happen!


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