It’s Hockey Season! – David Merchant

     Ah, so here we are, school is just starting, the weather is getting a little cooler, the air is getting a little crisper; this can only mean one thing. It’s hockey season! I don’t know about you, but for me this has been one long depressing offseason. With the only thing keeping me busy being the occasional Yankee game, I am ready for some hockey action! You Sabres fans have to be even more excited than I am. With Pegula throwing money around like confetti, the Sabres now have more than enough fire-power to make a deep run in the playoffs. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for my beloved Devils. They will be starting the season with pretty much the same roster that only won 9 of their first 30 games last year. What did change is their coach. A lot of Devil fans are excited about Coach Peter DeBoer; I however will not get my hopes up until I see some results.

This brings me to another issue. If Timewarner Cable has MSG and MSG+ why can’t they show Rangers, Devils, and Islanders games? I know it’s a Sabres market here but is it really worth it to show a blank screen on two separate channels for 3 hours at a time? Apparently it is for someone because now I have to fork over $178.12 to watch my favorite team play and I can tell you for certain that I am not the only one doing this. I feel bad for all of you non-Sabres fans living in the dorms. ATDHE.NET.TV got me through some pretty rough times but I promised myself a long time ago that I would NEVER go back to watching live streaming games online… NEVER!

So with that being said, I wish the Sabres and the Devils the best of luck this season. I decided to have a little fun this season and make an early prediction of the standings. Feel free to critique or make your own. Enjoy!

EAST                                                                            WEST
1) Capitals                                                                    1) Canucks
2) Bruins                                                                      2) Kings
3) Penguins                                                                  3) Blackhawks
4) Lightning                                                                4) Sharks
5) Sabres                                                                      5) Predators
6) Flyers                                                                      6) Ducks
7) Rangers                                                                  7) Red Wings
8) Devils                                                                      8) Blues

I have the Kings and the Capitals going to the Cup with the Capitals coming out on top. Tell me what you think!


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