Lipstick Jungle, The NEW Sex and the City -Dayna Teague Flynn

Victory, Nico, and Wendy are this generation’s Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. These three women live their illustrious lives while trying to stay balanced with all the hard cores that the Big Apple sends their way.

Victory, a fashion designer, struggles with the demands of the fashion world as well as her own life and love struggles. Nico, the Editor in Chief of Bonfire magazine, shines through in her job and aspires to eventually become the CEO. Wendy, a very talented movie executive, does everything in her power to balance work, a husband, and her two children. Like her two gal pals, she also has love life problems (after all balancing such a high status position and a family would put a toll on any marriage.)

I highly recommend this show to any Sex and the City lover. It will be your new vice. The first two seasons are currently available for free on and you’d be a fool to miss these three sassy girls take New York by the reigns and bring power to women all around them.


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