Alpha Tau – Hyung Ku Kim

In August of 2009, I made one of the best decisions for my life. This decision has impacted me in great ways. From improving myself as a person, to developing my professional skills, I know that this decision will reverberate throughout my future.

After attending an information session, I was full of excitement and anxiousness for my future endeavors. I soon learned, however, that becoming a Brother of Pi Sigma Epsilon was not going to be an easy task. Within eight weeks, my pledge class and I were required to create four different projects and pass multiple Pi Sigma Epsilon history tests. Looking back now, I don’t know what I was worrying so much about.

Pledges are required to have four leaders for the different projects. I was the Marketing Chair, Leanne was the Public Relations Chair, Patrick was the Social Chair and Yang was the Finance Chair. I took on the role as a Marketing Chair, not because it was my concentration, but because I wanted leadership experience and the position seemed very appealing to me. Our pledge class came up with great ideas, but we needed to project the costs and profits. Although there was no pressure on the pledge class to raise a certain amount of funds, we wanted to prove our worth and capabilities. Eventually, we came up with the idea of “Dollar Bingo.” The eventual outcome was quite surprising; we made over $100 in profit! Our costs were high, but we were able to raise $900 in sponsorships.

Our marketing project was to create a Pi Sigma Epsilon informational video. To this day, I am extremely proud of my pledge class. Here’s the link below to our marketing video:

In the end it wasn’t about how much money we made or the video that made this process exciting or worthwhile. It was the experience of becoming a Brother and making a family here at school. Alpha Tau 4 LIFE!!!


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