NEW AGE MUSIC – Kevin Ardon

Music has been a force that drives human nature and culture. It has been a means of communication, spiritualization, and socialization throughout time. It evolves throughout the eras, changing with the changing world. From classical music to rock, from the disco era to modern pop. Music empowers humans and gives us a form of relief in the art form. The very act of listening to music allows you to become a part of it and influence the very movement of it.
In the last decade, a new genre of music has taken its foothold within the music scene- electronic music, house, and techno. It’s a form of music that is still not fully appreciated nor considered mainstreamed, but it is the sound that can be heard all over the world in clubs and parties. Raves have been the biggest proponent in popularizing this music scene. For those who participate at these events, it’s a form of natural instinct of socialization and spiritualization. The power of this music emits a feeling of being transported, heightened and moved.


As the electronic music scene evolves, many great artists and DJs have emerged. One of these artists is the duo Daft Punk from France, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. At first, the media called them a bunch of “punks” and “daft.” Despite the adversity, Daft Punk continued to pursue their music dreams and created their very name from the bad press.
Throughout the years, Daft Punk has been revolutionizing the form of electronic music. Some songs have become mainstream, while others have been featured in soundtracks for films. The duo has been endowed as the “fathers of techno,” for their incredible feats in the electro music world. The masses have been anticipating their return on a world tour since their hugely successful “Alive” tour in 2007.
What can be said from this is that music, from tribal drums to electronic mixers, will always be part of the human culture and it will always be evolving to create new music, new scenes and new cultures among people.


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