Tony Walker Exclusive: Preparing For an Interview

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is never more important to realize than when going for a job interview. There are many things to consider leading up to and during your interviews. This article will provide tips on the fashion and appearance aspect of interviewing, but will … Continue reading

Alpha Tau – Hyung Ku Kim

In August of 2009, I made one of the best decisions for my life. This decision has impacted me in great ways. From improving myself as a person, to developing my professional skills, I know that this decision will reverberate throughout my future. After attending an information session, I was full of excitement and anxiousness … Continue reading

Taste of NYC from a New Yorker – Leo Chan

A series of pictures taken by our very own brother Leo Chan! Like it? Love it? Check out my website

NEW AGE MUSIC – Kevin Ardon

Music has been a force that drives human nature and culture. It has been a means of communication, spiritualization, and socialization throughout time. It evolves throughout the eras, changing with the changing world. From classical music to rock, from the disco era to modern pop. Music empowers humans and gives us a form of relief … Continue reading

Increase Your Stress… NOW! – Bryan Chaput

I know very little about how to reduce stress. There are hundreds of books at your local bookstore full of tips and tricks for diminishing pressure, finding inner peace and generally becoming a better person. You won’t find one word of that on this page. Why, might you ask? Because if there is one thing … Continue reading