Did you learn anything? – Hyung Ku Kim

Do you ever look back to your history class that you took on your freshman year and think “wow, I really learned a lot from that class”, or that Chemistry class and think, “now I know how to write water in chemical equation?”  (h20, just in case you did not take Chemistry) Well most of us don’t even know what we learned our second year as an undergraduate student. USA Today states that “After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.” To reiterate, 45 percent showed no change and after four years 36 percent showed little change! How is it possible that cramming the day before the

test, drinking venti coffee with double shots of espresso, did not mean anything? My all nighters in “Club Capen” (UB’s library) did not help increase my IQ percentage? Is this statistic saying that I just wasted my time and money? There must be something that I have learned.

Let’s face it, it’s a fact that many have learned little to none in college. You should have just worked somewhere instead of having to pay for that unnecessary student activity fee every semester. You should have just found a job and had some money in your savings account, instead of having FAFSA come after you. There has to be something good about having to finishing my undergraduate classes.

The solution is Graduate school. Even though thinking about more school can be difficult but graduate schools are different. First you are closer to your professor, because you are interested in that specific subject. The professor gives you a level of respect you deserve. You are here because you are interested in this subject and want to pursue this as your career. In addition, Grad schools are not just about writing last minute essays and cramming chemical equations into your head; you actually have hands on experience that helps apply your knowledge to the real world. Last the big important fact is that Grad school will lead you bigger paycheck. Fisher College of Business states that MBA students’ starting salary average is $81,633, while Finance starting salary is around is $28,080.

That’s about 4 times greater! If you are interested in specific subject, why not take the steps to Grad school and learn more about the career you are getting into.

-Hyung ku Kim

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