I’ve got an eyedea & abilities to make you listen to some ingenious hip-hop = Artist of the Week – Joseph Apac

If the poeticism of Pharcyde, the unique mixes of The Roots, and the delivery of Atmosphere had some sort of brainchild, eyedea & abilities would be its birth child.That’s right, this inspiring hip-hop duo creates some of the most innovative music I’ve heard in this genre in quite some time.

Let me take some time to introduce you to the talent behind the music. Eyedea become known in the underground hip-hop scene because of his battle and freestyle skills.  He was even featured on HBO’s Blaze Battle. The man behind the table, DJ Abilities (Gregory Keltgen), won three DMC awards and was known as one of the best battle DJs in the Midwest.

E&A recorded three records together: First Born, followed by E&A, and their last record By the Throat. These days, it’s hard to find music with some real heart behind it, but E&A lacks none of that and they leave it all on the record.

Unfortunately, on October 16, 2010, Eyedea (Michael Larsen) was found dead in his home. Officials investigating the death ruled his unfortunate passing to an accidental overdose. The 28-year-old rapper may have passed on, but his music remains a legacy. With that said, I am proud to let your ears enjoy E&A. Sit back, relax and enjoy the poetry of music and rhymes this group has fused together.

This latest single by E&A will surely make you do what it’s set out to do, “Smile”.


Burn Fetish” is off their latest album, By the Throat.


Check back soon to catch more underground artists making some noise.





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