A World Defined by Letters – Kenneth Towne

Life can be overwhelming. Life can be hectic and time consuming. Life can having you running around from 7am to 11pm everyday without a chance to rest, so why would you stop to think about something as simple as letters? So seemingly insignificant on their own, we often lose touch with the fact that everything around us, including ourselves, is defined by these simplest of symbols.

Besides the fact that every word in existence uses letters of some kind to come into existent, letters can be significant in their own right. Letters can affect our emotions. How upset would you be if you saw a single F on your report card? If a friend had the same initials as you, wouldn’t it be a topic of discussion? How many hours have you spent studying and doing schoolwork, just to get that A, a simple letter? The letters “lol” although not a word, can change a serious statement into a joke. The list goes on and on, but I think the point has been made.

Most importantly, our letters define us. Sit down at any interview, and as the interviewer sits looking at your resume and transcripts, it’s the letters that stick out the most. The school you attended, the grades you got in your classes. All of these things are so important on those few pieces of paper, yet it can be a few simple letters that can change everything.

PSE. Pi Sigma Epsilon. This professional co-ed business fraternity can take your resume, make it amazing, change your life, and get you your dream job, just with 3 simple letters. These letters tell your future dream job that not only have you taken steps to go above and beyond the achievements of your classmates, your business experience, public speaking skills, and level of professionalism put you miles ahead of your competition. They will know you’re a leader, a professional, and someone who knows what it takes to do great things, and has the drive to do it. Why? Because that’s what PSE is all about, and the world knows it. If you make it into this group of amazingly talented and driven individuals, you yourself will become one and be driven to be the best person you can possibly be. From real world clients, creating marketing strategies, and leadership opportunities galore, to brotherhood, friendship, and a new sense of confidence, PSE will change your life, and help you to become a better person than even you ever thought possible.

So in a few years from now, when you sit in the interview for the job of a lifetime, what letters do you want defining you?

Pi Sigma Epsilon Spring 11' Recruitment


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