Know Your Politics – Shervin Stoney

As you may know, Tuesday November 2nd was Election Day for many states in the United States. We will be electing our entire House of Representatives and a new Governor along with a slue of local politicians. I want to give you a little run down of the most important one of these races and a bit information on each candidate.


New York State Governors Race

Republican- Carl Paladino

A Buffalo native, Paladino decided to run for governor in 2010 with a platform offering to lower taxes by ten percent and creating jobs. Carl Paladino’s dark horse campaign was funded by his personal fortune made from his housing company, Ellicott Development Company. Although his campaign has been well-funded, it has been filled with scandals, including racist and pornographic emails he allegedly sent out to staffers and friends.

Democrat- Andrew Cuomo

This is Cuomo’s second go-around at the Governor’s mansion after losing the democratic primary to Carl McCall, who later lost to George Pataki, in 2002. As Attorney General, Cuomo has garnered his popularity in proving to be tough on members of Wall Street. Cuomo is not new to politics, serving as former Housing and Urban Development Secretary under Bill Clinton and the son of Mario Cuomo, a three-term Governor of New York. Cuomo was also once married to the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, who he had a messy divorce with in 2003.

Prediction: Cuomo 62%-Paladino 38%



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