Artist of the Week, Innerpartysystem – Joseph Apac

A fight between Steve Aoki, The Chemical Brothers and NIN = Artist of the Week, Innerpartysystem

Innerpartysystem, sounds like an organized rave (if there is such a thing), but that’s the last thing this on the rise trio is doing.  Call it electronica, alternative rock, or whatever you want but it is undeniable that this band has the beats to keep people dancing all night. Imagine if you tossed Steve Aoki (Electronica Genius), the Chemical Brothers and Nine Inch Nails into a bar fight you will get Innerpartysystem. IPS consists of Patrick Nissley, Jared Piccone, and Kris Barman hailing from Monhton, Pennsylvania. The band has up until now released their latest effort American Trash EP, and prior to that their self-titled record Innerpartysystem, and their first release called the Download EP. All releases by these fellas are nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I have been unable to catch one of their gigs.

However, friends of mine who have been lucky enough to witness their live show have told me that not only are they on point but they have one of the best light shows as well, which only helps to set off their onslaught of electronic infused rock anthems. Enough of me preaching to you, take a listen and engulf yourself in their musical prowess.

Don’t Stop” is IPS first single off of their self titled record Innerpartysystem.

Die Tonight, Live Foreveris their second single off their full-length.

Check back soon to catch more underground artists making noise.

One Response to “Artist of the Week, Innerpartysystem – Joseph Apac”
  1. Marissa says:

    Hola! So glad that you like Innerpartysystem. Have you heard their new song “American Trash”? Check out this awesome video that a fan made:

    Innerpartysystem is putting out a new EP in January so look out! And get at me with any other questions on the band…

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