As a college student, we can easily get suckered into dangerous eating habits through the multiple temptations around campus. This includes the All-You-Can-Eat buffet style dinners in the dorms (where freshmen 15 was invented), the FREE FOOD and POP (or soda) programs where students only attend for the greasy foods, the fast food joints, and lastly, the grab-and-go snacks from the vending machines.

It’s easy gratification and yummy on the intake, but the mirror usually tells a different story.

Here are some helpful tips to eat healthier and to help your body stay bar-ready!


1.) Get a Food Diary. Keep a record of what you eat, when you eat it and your calorie intake. By recording what you eat on a daily basis, you will be surprised with what and how much food you’re eating (at least I was)! This will help you become more consciousness of what you are putting into your body.
2.) Get Support. Let your friends know your diet goals so that they can watch out for you. Having support can even motivate you to stick to your plan.


3.) LOVE what you eat but in PROPORTION. Try eating the foods you love but in small portions (my guilty pleasure is DUFF WINGS AND FRENCH FRIES). Nobody likes to be reminded that they are on a diet, so don’t get caught up on eating the wrong kinds of foods. It will just make you want those foods more and cause you to binge at 1am.

4.) Lunch Bag. Prepare your own lunch. It sounds annoying but by making your own lunch, you save money and eat healthier.


1.) ADD more fruits and vegetables! Ever heard of Spinach in Chocolate Brownies? No? Well me either, but it’s a good idea. Try playing up foods by adding fruits and vegetables in your recipes and diet, like a veggie hot dog. Also, instead of snacking on chips, try snacking on fruits and nuts.
2.) ANY sweetened drinks or soda are high in sugar and can cause cancer, STOP drinking them! Try smoothies, green tea and fruit juices instead.


3.) Drink more H20. Rejuvenate your body with 8 cups of water a day. You can bring water from your home or you can find water fountains on campus, at the office, etc.
4.) DUDE, LEARN about the foods you eat. The best website for fooducational resources is It’s the bible for your healthy eating. has many helpful eating guides and tips to teach you to eat your way to a better life.

In conclusion, DON’T GET FAT, GET GLAD!
Thanks for reading my first PSE blog article!


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