Take a risk while you’re young! – Lauren Wojo

When I ran track back in high school, we had shirts that said “Only those who risk going too far know how far they can truly go.”  As I get older, I see more and more meaning behind that statement.  I apply it more to myself in terms of my future goals, as well as still trying to apply it to my running habits, although much less admirable than they were back in those days!

The reason I’m writing about this cheesy quote is so maybe you can find something in your life that you are too afraid to take a risk in, something you are too afraid of diving right into.  Since I plan on writing a bunch of articles to try and give us all some positive influence, I figured this would be a great place to start.

I recently started as a finance intern at a hospital in the area.  Not knowing much of anything about healthcare or about finances in general (you think you know, but you have no idea!), I dove right in.  Lucky for me, it’s unpaid so I don’t feel any extreme stress to deliver.  It’s actually been one of the most terrifying and comforting experiences of my young adult life.  On the one hand, I have almost no clue what I’m doing and I do fear “letting down” the hospital.  On the other hand, I am seeing that there is absolutely no better time in my life to go into something with no training wheels and going for a test drive.  The younger, less risky me would have chosen a job in a field I know everything about, in something I knew I could do.

So essentially, I have no idea if I will succeed in this project.  I also do not know if I will fail.  My internship director told me in the beginning that even if I do succeed in terms of coming up with a plan (implementing a new step-down methodology that makes sense even to non-financial managers), that it might not even work!  I do, however, look forward to the things that await me, and the confusion that comes with it.

So this week, or today, go out there and do something that scares you, something that requires a little risk taking.  What better time to do it then when you’re young, without a mortgage and babies?

At least there’s a Tim Horton’s in the cafeteria!


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