Think Different: A Celebration of Web 2.0 – Evelyn Weisskohl, Hilary Weisskohl

This short film was based on Apple’s original Think Different advertising campaign that premiered in 1997. It featured notable celebrities, politicians, peacemakers, athletes and thinkers whose ideas and actions sparked major change in the world. To view the original video, click here.

Today, we’ve decided to revamp Apple’s original campaign by celebrating some of the most creative and innovative landmarks of our own decade. These landmarks have occurred, in some way or another, through the use of the Internet. From Facebook and Twitter to Post Secret and video chatting, the Internet has become vital to our generation’s communication and imagination.

The Internet and Web 2.0—a general term used to describe mediums facilitating interpersonal communication over the web—have sparked incredible progress in the same way that celebrities in Apple’s original advertisement sparked progress.

Web 2.0 has changed the way we see the world. It has allowed us to cross borders in milliseconds, dream up alternate realities, and best of all, stay connected to the ones we love. Here’s to Web 2.0, and all that it has enabled in our lives.

The following websites and applications were highlighted in this video:




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