Hispanic Students and Grad School – Nazzy Romero

I recently interviewed Alia Victoria Khechen, a Sophomore at the University at Buffalo.  Alia’s family currently lives in Buffalo, NY but she is originally from Venezuela and her father is Lebanese.  I met Alia through a mutual Hispanic friend on campus last semester; therefore I decided to interview her as part of my research on “Hispanics on Campus.”

  • Q: What is your current major at the University at Buffalo?
  • A: I am a Business Major with a concentration in Finance.
  • Q: Are you interested in joining a Professional Business Fraternity on campus?
  • A: Yes, I actually noticed Pi Sigma Epsilons logo on campus.  I attended one of your info sessions and thought it would be cool to join.
  • Q:  What makes you interested in PSE?
  • A: I am interested in PSE because it will be a perfect way to meet people, network, and gain some skills.
  • Q: Do you plan on going to graduate school?
  • A: Yes, I want to finish my BS at UB, and go to NYC for graduate school.
  • Q: What would you like to continue your education in?
  • A: I would like to continue studying Finance.
  • Q: What are your goals for the future?
  • A: My future goals are to be successful in whatever it is that I do.

After the interview I informed Alia on a few things she should keep in mind, when she begins to prepare for Graduate school. One of her most important requirements will be the GMAT exam. A great way to prepare for the exam is to take classes with The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review also helps students prepare for the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT.

Click here for more information on the Princeton Review


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