New Resume Format in the Social Media era? – Tae Hyun Moon

The following article is from Innovative Marketer and it was posted on August 4 2010.

Two months ago, I was asked from a business professional to make his profile (resume) in sort of a “online-friendly” way. He showed me a professor’s resume as an example, which had different concepts compared to other traditional resumes… It used the same basic format as a traditional resume, but the main difference was that he added hyperlinks to name of companies and schools he belongs(ed) to so that readers can actually visit their websites for more information. He also listed some of his (popular) blog articles and put hyperlinks to them, and I was able to enjoy his blog posts by just clicking the links…

He even included small logos of organizations he used to work for in his resume and linked them to their websites. I was very impressed with his creative resume format and managed to get lots of information about his careers for a very short time (by just clicking some links).

After making the professional’s resume like the professor’s, I also wanted to make my resume the way the professor used for his. I mean, I wanted to lead future readers of my resume to actually see my social media involvements, SEO knowledge, my past experience by just clicking links on my resume.

Some people say there is no need to be creative in making resume, and they instruct us to use a standard and conventional resume format (and font). I do not disagree with this, but as the marketing tactics/stmoontaehyunrategies of companies today have evolved due to the advent of social media, I think the ways of marketing ourselves to recruiters should also evolve to the next level. As we all know, most of companies these days accept resumes (job applications) online, and thanks to remarkable technologies, I heard some companies even use iPad or netbook to review applicants’ resume during their job interviews… In addition, this type of resume formats can effectively expose yourself to online users, specifically to recruiters, in search engines and social media sites…

Anyway, I created my resume in a “online-friendly” way and posted it on my blog… In about two weeks, it’s generated 130 views…I even received contacts from some companies although I didn’t apply for their job openings…kinda surprising… I am still not sure if it will be working as I expected or going to have positive effects on my future job hunting, but we will see 🙂

Here are my 5 tips for people who might be interested in making this type of resume;

1. First, add hyperlinks to the names of the companies (or organizations) that you have worked for so that recruiters or interviewers can get detailed information easily…

2. Second, place links to your social media accounts like Twitter, Blogger, or LinkedIn on the top of your resume to bring your resume readers to your social media networks..

3. Save your resume into a PDF form. This makes it easy for readers to go through your resume and click the links.

4. Sign up for Slideshare and upload your resume there. This way, your resume can have an official address in search engines.

5. Embed your resume link (Slideshare) in your blog and linkedin profile so your resume can reach out to your target audiences.



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