GEICO’s 2011 Achievement Award

GEICO Buffalo Office sent us the information about GEICO Achievement Award 2011.  This is a great opportunity for our PSE members to be recognized out there and add one more value on your resume!!

Check it out and feel free to contact Christine Koizol or Tae Hyun Moon for more information.

GEICO’s 2011 Achievement Award

It’s with great pleasure that The University at Buffalo is invited to participate in GEICO’s 2011 Achievement Award program – designed to recognize exceptional undergraduate students majoring in business, mathematics, computer science and related fields.

Our program requires that applicants:

Are currently attending an accredited four-year college or university on a full-time basis

  • Possess sophomore or junior status
  • Have achieved at least a 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA
  • Are majoring in business, computer science, mathematics or a related program (including economics, MIS, statistics)
  • Have demonstrated leadership within their campus and/or community

Please help us in promoting this program to your students by directing them to There, they can learn more about our award, watch the program video and access program documents.

>> Download 2011 program flier.

>> Download 2011 award application.

This year, all application materials must be postmarked no later than February 22, 2011. Our team will select recipients and present the awards during the spring semester.

The following video shows the GEICO Achievement Award 2010 recepients.


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