Take a risk while you’re young! – Lauren Wojo

When I ran track back in high school, we had shirts that said “Only those who risk going too far know how far they can truly go.”  As I get older, I see more and more meaning behind that statement.  I apply it more to myself in terms of my future goals, as well as … Continue reading

Think Different: A Celebration of Web 2.0 – Evelyn Weisskohl, Hilary Weisskohl

This short film was based on Apple’s original Think Different advertising campaign that premiered in 1997. It featured notable celebrities, politicians, peacemakers, athletes and thinkers whose ideas and actions sparked major change in the world. To view the original video, click here. Today, we’ve decided to revamp Apple’s original campaign by celebrating some of the … Continue reading

10 Cool Keyboard Shorcuts for Window 7 – Ly Ly Dang

The old versions of Windows often take you many steps to create anything.  I read one of Shane O’neill’s articles, “Windows 7: 10 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts“, and would like to share his advice on  new shortcuts to help make using Windows 7 that much better! 1. Create a new folder anywhere on your Windows 7 PC: … Continue reading

Hispanic Students and Grad School – Nazzy Romero

I recently interviewed Alia Victoria Khechen, a Sophomore at the University at Buffalo.  Alia’s family currently lives in Buffalo, NY but she is originally from Venezuela and her father is Lebanese.  I met Alia through a mutual Hispanic friend on campus last semester; therefore I decided to interview her as part of my research on … Continue reading

Tailgating with Plinko!!

Join our tailgating for the UB Football team this Saturday (September 18th 2010)!! Come to the parking lot between the UB Stadium and Flint Village anytime between 2pm and 6pm, and play “Plinko” to get free food & gifts from the Princeton Review!! Enjoy your Saturday with PSE & the Princeton Review, and let’s cheer … Continue reading

Which one are you? – Stephanie Fung

FACT: The real word is scary. Stay in College. The Princeton Review.

Welcome Freshman! – Allie Sim

If this is your first semester at the University at Buffalo, you’re probably extremely overwhelmed right now. You could be thinking anything from “how am I going to make friends?” to “who’s going to do my laundry?” Unfortunately, you’re on your own for that laundry part, but as for making friends I have two words of … Continue reading

New Resume Format in the Social Media era? – Tae Hyun Moon

The following article is from Innovative Marketer and it was posted on August 4 2010. Two months ago, I was asked from a business professional to make his profile (resume) in sort of a “online-friendly” way. He showed me a professor’s resume as an example, which had different concepts compared to other traditional resumes… It used the … Continue reading

GEICO’s 2011 Achievement Award

GEICO Buffalo Office sent us the information about GEICO Achievement Award 2011.  This is a great opportunity for our PSE members to be recognized out there and add one more value on your resume!! Check it out and feel free to contact Christine Koizol or Tae Hyun Moon for more information. GEICO’s 2011 Achievement Award It’s … Continue reading