Welcome to PSE Omicron Chapter at SUNY Buffalo!

Welcome to PSE Omicron Chapter at SUNY Buffalo!

Why Should You Join?

What Can PSE Offer you?

 Pi Sigma Epsilon, The Only Professional Co-Ed Marketing & Sales Fraternity at the University at Buffalo, invites all of you to our Fall 2010 Rush!


Improve your leadership skills, resume building, interviewing and public speaking. 

The great thing about PSE is that it has something for everyone. Our chapter is run like a small business. Just this past semester, our Fraternity took on a new organizational structure. We are now divided up into four departments, including: Finance, Marketing, Human Relations, and Technology. Through this structure we all work together, feeding off of each others’ ideas. As a fraternity, we all work closely with one another on our projects, and this formulates the framework for our organization. We are constantly looking for new projects to provide members with all types of experience to prepare for the real world. Our wide range of activities enables members to be involved in everything from public relations to promotion, from advertising to presentation skills. We offer you what you need whatever your major or interest may be. Pi Sigma Epsilon is open to all majors and gives all students practical business and communication experience. It also believes in helping students to learn how to market themselves to professionals, students, and other co-workers and provides a feeling of self confidence within. Marketing is an important aspect of every career, and through Pi Sigma Epsilon you will see yourself grow as individual while making lifelong friends at the same time.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us:

Email: Tae Hyun Moon, Vice President of Marketing, taemoon@buffalo.edu

PSE Omicron (Buffalo) website:  www.pseomicron.com

National Website: www.pse.org


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